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How to Maintain Healthy Hair_ 10 Hair Care Tips You'll Love

It goes without saying that hair needs daily care. The simplest hair care that needs to be done is a regular cleansing of dirt, moisturizing and nourishing with useful ingredients and protection from external factors. All these procedures can be carried out at home.

Choose the shampoo and balm-rinse suitable for your hair type, for example, from Canadian Health&Care Mall. Do not forget to protect hair when you are in the sun or visit the pool – all these factors negatively affect the condition and density of hair.

You can also make masks from natural products and oils: it’s a great opportunity to take care of hair that needs moisturizing, toning and refreshing. A rinse of hair in an herbal infusion will give your hair a healthy shine and a radiant look.

Professional hair care: means and procedures

Professional means are developed exclusively in laboratories, and all cosmetics for hair gets to the buyers only after a thorough check.

Advantages of professional hair products:

  • A high concentration of useful components increases the effectiveness of cosmetics;
  • Complex care in one means;
  • The composition includes natural ingredients: hypoallergenic cosmetics, suitable for daily use;
  • A variety of cosmetic series for different types of hair;
  • They meet the requirements for modern cosmetics: small consumption, large packaging.

Salon Procedures For Hair

  • Lamination – the procedure for hair restoration, which consists in coating the hair with a special film. As a result, each hair is enveloped by a laminating compound and reliably protected from an aggressive external environment: useful substances and moisture remain inside;
  • Cysteine hair restoration is applying protective and nutrient composition to your hair. Hair becomes shiny, thick, elastic and mobile. The procedure is effective for dry, dyed and damaged hair;
  • Hot wrapping refers to spa procedures. The applied composition fills the unevenness on the hairs, the nutrition comes from the inside: the hot wrap is effective in the treatment of splitting hair;
  • “Shining” can be transparent or colored. A dense film is created on the surface of the hair, which increases the diameter of each hair and feeds it from the inside: unlike lamination, which is primarily designed for external protection, “shining” gives a similar visual effect and heals every hair.

Hair Care For Different Hair Types

  • Greasy hair. With this type of hair, you should not wash your head in a hot water: on the contrary, use cool water. To reduce fat, you may use decoctions of herbs, especially aloe, and make clay masks. Remember that the greasy hair is associated with the state of the scalp, so when using balsams and masks, avoid applying them to the roots;
  • Dry hair. With this type of hair, you’d better avoid frequent head washing. Before each washing make a moisturizing express mask. When using hair styling products, try not to overdry your hair: use a cold mode if possible. Do a head massage that stimulates the circulation of the scalp and allows the beneficial components in the caregiver to be effective;
  • Thin hair. Such hair quickly becomes dirty, but too frequent washing is contraindicated. First of all, care for this type of hair should be aimed at protection from external factors. There are secrets that will allow achieving externally the effect of additional volume: special means for styling and drying hair. However, the hairstyle should be done carefully: thin hair is especially predisposed to damage;
  • Colored and damaged hair. First of all, moisturizing and protection are required – most often to women who dye their hair. Forget about daily hair washing, use special means, protect hair from UV radiation.

10 Tips For Hair Care From Canadian Health&Care Mall

10 Tips For Hair Care

  1. After washing your head, do not comb your hair at once: wet hair should be dried in a natural way, then use a comb with rare teeth or simply divide the strands with your fingers. Otherwise, the hair may become brittle or stretch;
  2. Hairstyle will last longer if it is done on dry hair;
  3. Hair will glisten if you wash them in a cool water;
  4. If you plan to rest at sea, your hair needs a careful care – the sun and salt water negatively affect their condition. Take care of a suitable care product in advance;
  5. If there is no possibility to wash the head, powder hair roots with talc or powder and carefully comb or dry the head with a hair dryer to remove fat from the hair;
  6. To prevent split ends, you must regularly cut them. When washing your head, use the advice of professionals: apply shampoo only to the roots, after that apply the conditioner on the tips – so the hair will not lose volume, and the ends will not be dry;
  7. When drying hair with a hairdryer, start to dry the head from the roots, and finish with tips. At the end, use the cold mode – so your hairstyle will last longer;
  8. For an instant shine, move an ice cube across your hair: the cold will make the scales of hair close and your hair will look shiny;
  9. Use masks and serums that are suitable for your hair type. Use these means at least once a week: apply the product to the washed head and wrap it for a while in the towel – so the useful components will penetrate deeper;
  10. Let the hair down when returning home, take off the headgear – otherwise, the blood circulation of the scalp will be disturbed, the hair will not get enough oxygen, become brittle and fall out.

Canadian Health&Care Mall wishes you healthy and beautiful hair!

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