Female Hair Loss: How to Stop It?

hair loss

Women often complain not only of the brittle and dull hair but also of hair loss. This problem is most common in the off-season, but there are times when it occurs at another time of the year. Why does hair fall out and how to stop it? Find the answers in this article.

Causes of female hair loss

Avitaminosis is the most common cause of hair loss in the off-season. Deficiency of the best vitamins and trace elements leads not only to the weakening of the body but also to the strong hair loss. For the same reason, unbalanced diet and prolonged diets cause a loss of hair on the head.

Hormonal changes in the body of a woman during pregnancy or after childbirth, with menopause, during puberty, can also lead to hair loss.

The aggravation of the hair condition is also affected by the aggressive influence of temperature factors, for example, iron overheating or using a hairdryer, etc. Other enemies of hair loss can be tight tails, abuse of chemical staining or curling.

In our dynamic time, most people face constant stress, fatigue, and depression. All these factors sooner or later lead to hair loss.

Hair loss caused by certain medicines is also a common phenomenon. Some medical procedures (chemotherapy) can also weaken the body and lead to hair loss.

Some chronic diseases (psoriasis, hyperthyroidism, hepatitis, tumors, etc.) also increase the degree of hair loss.

In addition, the problem can be caused by a high body temperature, heavy blood loss, acute infectious disease, surgery or trauma. In this case, hair loss is often episodic and the hair is quickly restored as soon as the critical factor is eliminated.

With a strong hair loss, a trichologist can diagnose a serious illness – alopecia. There are several types of this disease:

  • Alopecia areata – a partial baldness on some particular part of the head;
  • Diffuse alopecia – a uniform loss of hair throughout the surface of the head. The cause of this type of alopecia can be avitaminosis, an insufficient amount of protein, hormonal changes.
  • Androgenetic alopecia has always been considered a traditional one for men but nowadays this type is also common in women. When women have elevated levels of androgens – male sex hormones, the hair becomes thinner and falls out, especially in the middle of the head.

What is the best treatment for hair loss?

As the statistics show, every third woman in a certain period of life faces hair loss. When the cause of baldness is a deficiency of vitamins and minerals in the off-season or, for example, a low-calorie diet, the problem will disappear on its own when all factors are eliminated.

Hair recovery can be accelerated by vitamin complexes. In other cases, the body needs additional specialized care, because often hair loss in women can indicate serious abnormalities. The hair is an indicator of health and immediately responds to the disease. Therefore, at the very first signs of alopecia, it is necessary to consult a specialist – a trichologist, a dermatologist or endocrinologist – the choice depends on the cause of the disease.

Treatment takes a long time and includes the use of medicines for hair loss recovery such as Dutas, Finast, Finpecia, Propecia, Proscar, Rogaine 2. You can buy them online. For this, you’d better choose the best pharmacy mall selling quality drugs at affordable prices.

You also need to correct your daily routine (have full sleep and daily walks) and reject bad habits. Do not neglect headwear.

To restore the density of hair, you need to take vitamins B, E, C and D. Magnesium, calcium, iron and copper are also needed to improve the condition of the hair. Fish oil and a balanced diet, consisting of the necessary ingredients, will help to give the hair a beautiful healthy appearance and prevent its loss.

You can reach the best results with a complex approach in the treatment: using pills, all kinds of lotions or creams, special shampoos or masks. Modern women also resort to laser therapy and various herbal remedies. For example, the use of castor and burdock oil has a positive effect on female hair.

Also, avoid metal combs, hot hairdryers, chemical procedures, frequent hair coloring, complex hairstyles.

To improve blood circulation and increase nutrition, you may try scalp massage.

And of course, you should avoid stressful situations since they may easily lead to various health problems, even more serious than the one described in this article!

Take care of your health!