Protein Shampoo – Your Best Choice for Hair Nourishment

Protein shampoos are designed to cleanse and strengthen hair and give it elasticity. Such shampoos usually contain several different types of protein, such as keratin, collagen, and silk. Many of them also include amino acids that play an important role in protein production. In addition to the fact that protein shampoos strengthen hair, they also contribute to their cleansing and nutrition, thanks to the presence of a combination of cleansing,…

Protein Conditioner: “Miracle” Means for Silky Hair

What is a Protein Conditioner? A protein conditioner is an intensively moisturizing and deeply nourishing conditioner must be used to give beauty to fragile and dull hair. Contains active components, rich in proteins. The formula is specifically designed for easy combing, protecting and strengthening all types of hair. The conditioner restores the internal structure and gives the hair softness and shine. Protein Conditioner Ingredients Depending on a protein conditioner brand…

Protein Hair Cream: Features, Uses, Rating

Proteins are the builders of our body. They give the cells their shape, are responsible for all intracellular metabolic processes, provide immune protection. Proteins are actively used in the development of hair creams. Today, we will tell you all about hair protein creams: uses, features, and the rating of the best hair protein creams 2018. Benefits of Protein Hair Cream Protein hair cream is popular due to its beneficial effects:…

Canadian Health&Care Mall Hair Tips

Healthy hair always makes people pay attention to allowing a woman to feel tempting and fascinating. Often, tempting hair cannot be considered nature gift, but result of constant and proper care about hair and at home as well. Even the most previously looking attractive hair becomes dull if you do nothing to maintain its state or make it incorrectly.Proper Hair Care_Main Tips

Hair Care Tips Given by Canadian Health and Care Mall

The main tips of hair care are given by Canadian Health and Care Mall staff. You are welcome to read them and follow to achieve the most beautiful hair ever.

1 Tip: Hair Washing

The best method to make your hair healthy is proper washing. women may ask what problem may appear when washing hair: apply shampoo, rinsed hair and nothing more. In fact, there are some approaches to be done when washing. First, it is significant to select the appropriate shampoo, which is for hair type exactly. Sometimes it can be noticeable that after washing, hair seems thin, bitten, or just electrified after drying. The reason for this maybe inccorect shampoo choice.

You should select shampoo correctly for you hair type exacly. You may look at the products available in Canadian Health&Care Mall. If you have children you should buy shampoo for children accounting hair type. It looks like you have to examine your hair structure to determine the exact shampoo.

2 Tip: Apply Conditioner

After washing with shampoo, apply conditioner, so that your hair to become smooth and well-made. But the conditioner must be utilized in a proper way as well. Do not apply on all hair from the roots, in this case, the hair will be fat. Conditioner should be admitted from the middle of the hair.

3 Tip: Do not Use Hot Water When Washing

Third, one of the main rules – you can not switch on too hot water for washing your hair, because it destroys your hair structure becoming a cause of falling it out. It is more appropriate to turn on a little warm water, and in the end of washing procedure it is beneficial to rinse it with cool water. It will contribute to smoothing inner walls of hair to ensure a healthy shine.

4 Tip: Hair Care at Home

Try to get rid of heated hair rollers, curling iron, hair straightener or you may make these procedures minimized. You may use such devices but it is better to buy high quality tools with regimen of moderation. Pay attanetion to this aspect. Moreover you may make mixtures of different herbs to exctract them to wash your hair and make them beautiful and healthy.

Available Products in Canadian Pharmacy Mall

Canadian Health&Care Mall has in its assortment products devoted to make your hear healthy. You will be capable to find them in SKIN CARE section. The list of them includes:

Product Name Description Price
 Hair Loss Cream promotes anagenic (active) hair growth course stage, makes fast hair fibre cell magnificatio, enhances tensile strength of hair and levels up hair density   $26.99
 Anti-Hair Fall Shampoo herbal product from himalaya that improves hair preventing its falling down because of breakage. Anti-Hair Fall Shampoo enhances hair texture and also is comprised of herbal extracts with anti-fungal capabilities.  $17.99
 Revitalizing Hair Oil himalaya herbal good that provides supplement nutrition to hair skin preventing hair loss.  $17.99
 Anti-Dandruff Shampoo himalaya herbal good for healthy, hair withou dandruff. Anti-Dandruff Shampoo nutritions and improves hair roots and ensures a healthy hair skin. Its constituents are composed of tea-tree oil, rosemary, sandal and lemon which carry out soft cleansing obtaining anti-fungal capabiities.  $17.99
 Anti-Dandruff Hair Oil prevents dandruff by eliminating microbial infections of the scalp. The oil ensures additional nutrition to the scalp and prevents hair loss. Massaging also increases the blood circulation in the scalp & this keeps the hair roots strong.  $9.00
 Protein Conditioner (Repair & Regeneration)  herbal product from himalaya for dry, frizzy or destroyed hair. Protein Conditioner gently rebuilds protecting your hair from future damage, keeping it healthy and soft.  $22.49
 Protein Hair Cream – Extra nourishment himalaya herbal product for hair nutrition. Protein Hair Cream Extra Nourishment is a genuine herbal formula with additional essential proteins from chickpea and wheatgram.  $7.88
 Protein Shampoo Gentle Daily Care  Protein Shampoo Gentle Daily Care is a himalaya herbal product for normal hair. Protein Shampoo Gentle Daily Care is enriched with extracts of protein-rich herbs and keeps your hair soft, smooth and healthy. It is a mild formulation for those who have an active lifestyle that requires frequent shampooing. This Protein Shampoo gently cleanses and provides your hair its daily dose of proteins.  $17.99
 Protein Shampoo Extra Moisturizing himalaya herbal product for dry and normal hair. Protein Shampoo Extra Moisturizing is rich with protein-rich herbs extracts maintaining your hair strong but soft. Protein Shampoo assists to decrease hair fall and protects your hair from everyday damage.  $13.49
 Anti-Dandruff Hair Cream  himalaya herbal product. Anti-Dandruff Hair Cream contains Tea Tree Oil and Rosemary, which provide effective anti-dandruff action. Anti-Dandruff Hair Cream is suitable for all hair types. It is safe to use on artificially colored or permed hair.  $13.49
 Hair Detangler & Conditioner himalaya herbal product fit for all types of hair being enriched withs hoe flower extracts that makes protection thanks to its soothing and conditioning activities. It is also comprised of water lily which nutritions and smoothes hair.  $13.49
 Protein Conditioner (Softness & Shine)  himalaya herbal product for normal hair. Protein Conditioner maintains your hair smoothing, soft and not stuck together. It creates natural proteins nourishment for your hair ensuring it a healthy shine. Protein Conditioner is safe to use on colored or permed hair.  $22.49
 Protein Hair Cream  rich with essential proteins derived from components like wheatgerm and chickpea. Godhuma (wheatgerm) is full of vitamin E.  $13.49