Protein Hair Cream: Features, Uses, Rating

Protein Hair Cream_ Features, Uses, Rating

Proteins are the builders of our body. They give the cells their shape, are responsible for all intracellular metabolic processes, provide immune protection. Proteins are actively used in the development of hair creams. Today, we will tell you all about hair protein creams: uses, features, and the rating of the best hair protein creams 2018.

Benefits of Protein Hair Cream

Protein hair cream is popular due to its beneficial effects: This product:

  • restores hairs from the inside and reduces brittleness;
  • visually increases the volume and density of the hair;
  • gives the locks a healthy shine;
  • makes curls soft and manageable.

But there is one nuance: hair does not always need protein hair creams. The hair absorbs all the nutrients (including proteins!) from the blood through the hair bulbs. And a double protein attack – from the inside and from the outside – can become superfluous. Listen to the locks: if they are thin, dry, break and fall out, they lack proteins. And if you have healthy but tough and naughty hair, you’d better refuse protein procedures.

Protein Hair Cream: How To Use It?

To make a protein hair cream, you can use three different options. The simplest thing is to buy a protein mask in the store like Canadian Health&Care Mall. Today, protein mixtures are produced by a variety of cosmetics companies. You can also buy ready-made proteins (dry or in ampoules) and prepare the mask at home. Or make a mixture of vegetable proteins – milk, eggs, gelatin, etc.

Today, you can buy protein hair creams from different manufacturers. They all contain different kinds of proteins: soy, almond, rice, wheat, silk, egg, cashmere proteins for hair etc. In addition, they contain additional components to provide an emollient, moisturizing, regenerating, protective effect.

But choosing a product to treat hair, you need to remember that you should apply it only to damaged, lifeless, depleted hair. Over-saturation with protein may impair the structure of the hair.

Before using professional protein hair creams, you need to learn the basic rules of medical and caring procedures. Ignorance of key points will give the opposite result.

  1. Do not do protein spa procedures too often. Any remedies with protein remedies are extremely nutritious. So apply them as necessary. Take a break between the courses. You can do classic express masks 1-2 times a month, or even better – before an important event several times a year;
  2. Choose a hair cream depending on the problem: soy protein helps to increase the hair volume, wheat protein reduces brittleness. Silk protein will make every strand smooth and shiny, and the milk product will strengthen the roots and prevent hair loss;
  3. Be sure to add nutritional components to the mask – this will reduce the aggressive action of proteins and saturate your head with vitamins;
  4. Protein masks are never applied to dry hair.

Protein Hair Cream Review: Top 5 Products

protein hair cream

Most manufacturers necessarily include protein hair cream in the line of medical cosmetics. These include the series:

  1. Protein Hair Cream Himalaya;
  2. Herbelan Pack Dikson;
  3. Numero Oat Hair Cream;
  4. Biolage, Matrix;
  5. Alfaparf Milano Semi di Lino.

Protein procedures for weakened hair are very popular today. But before buying a ready-made fragrant cream or mixing curative proteins at home, be sure to visit a trichologist. The doctor will examine your hair and say what substances it lacks: proteins, vitamins or regular calcium.